Seoul National University GSES Student Council Full of Excitement

Even with the beginning of the 21st century and the rising climate of individualism, I hope that our graduate school will be a wonderful place for graduate study where there is full of respect and appreciation for faculty members and affection and mutual respect among students. And I hope it will be a fruitful time for academic progress through good research.

Purpose and Goal

The main purposes and goals of GSES Student Council include supporting various research activities conducted through various small groups within GSES, strengthening the identity of the graduate school and promoting friendship through exchanges between different majors, serving as a connecting channel between professors and students, and supporting research by graduate students and creating research environment.


The Student Council is composed of executives such as council president, general secretary, secretary, accounting, academic director, welfare director, and business director, and representatives of each major.


The Student Council conducts sports competitions, overall OT (preparatory school for freshmen) and environment-related video screenings to promote exchange and friendship between majors. It also plays a role in listening to student opinions, suggesting these opinions to the school director and department chairs and informing students about major issues. In addition, we are working hard to support research activities, create meetings for promoting research environment, and provide support for conferences and small groups.