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Cutting-edge research and educational facilities, A leading track record of research, The gateway for global talent, Various, highly specialized educational programs

GSES was established to train professionals for addressing problems created by rapid industrialization and urbanization such as complex urban problems, regional problems, environmental problems and transportation problems and for sustainable development of land.

GSES is the first institution of higher learning for training experts in areas related to urban planning and design, transportation management, area development, environmental management, landscape architecture and environmental planning and design.

  • GSES offers various, highly specialized educational programs.
  • GSES has established a leading track record of reasearch.
  • GSES is equipped with cutting-edge research and educationsl facilities.
  • GSES is focused on fulfilling its role as the gateway for global talent.

GSES was established on January 25th, 1973 by merging Department of Urban and Regional Planning of Graduate School of Public Administration at Seoul National University and then newly-established Department of Landscape Architecture. A more comprehensive and systemativ educational program on environment began with Department of Urban and Regional Planning changing its name to Department of Environmental Planning and Department of Landscape Architecture to Department of Environmental Landscape Architecture on March 10, 1975.

Also, GSES created the doctoral program in Department of Environmental Planning in 1981, the joint doctoral program in Landscape Architecture in 1990, and the joint master’s/doctoral program in Urban Planning in 1997. Then, GSES has been operating “Executive Program on Urban and Environmental Policy” for executives and top managers in both public and private sectors in order to improve their understanding of urban and environmental problems and enhance their policy-making and management capability since 19995. In 2001, it was transformed into “Forum on CEO Environmental Management” and “Executive Program on Urban and Environmental Design” to offer more professional education programs.

“GSES offers various, highly specialized educational programs.”

GSES pursues interdisciplinary education and research tailored for the complexity and interconnectedness of the environment which is the focus of education and research, and provides focused training in major areas within each department to secure the highest level of expertise.

Department of Environmental Planning can be broadly classified into three majors: urban and regional planning, environmental management, and transportation.

With majors in landscape architecture and urban design, Department of Environmental Design provides education focused on design studio for developing relevant design capability in relation to sustainable development of human environment, and offers a wide range of academic opportunities to learn cultural landscape, environmental design, urban environment, urban architecture, GIS and application of multimedia, and landscape engineering.

“GSES has established a leading track record of research.”

Located in College of Liberal Studies(220DONG), Environmental planning Institute has long been conducting integrated research in response to various sources of demand for research on government projects, urban design, environmental design, management and design of transportation system and establishment of cultural complex. In addition, the Institute provides professional work experiences in urban, environment and transportation for professors and students through its research activities.

“GSES equipped with cutting-edge research and educational facilities.”

Awarded by Korean Institute of Architects and Korea Award for Environment and Culture on interior design, GSES Building offers the cutting-edge research environment with research facilities for different majors, data room, design studio, laboratories, computing facilities and various materials. Also, it provides ample spaces and lounges for refreshment and surrounding areas with gardens for a rich enjoyment of the nature.

“GSES is focused on fulfilling its role as the gateway for global talent.”

Through the various and rich research environment offered by GSES, all members of the School are performing their role as a real backbone leading both Korea and the world. Over 3,000 outstanding graduates of GSES have performed exceptionally in Korea’s land, urban, environment, transportation and landscape architecture. In addition, GSES is leading the way of international education by recruiting world-renowned professors from overseas.

GSES will continue it is efforts to become an international graduate school with a lasting impact for the future based on history and expertise that have contributed to the development of land, urban and environment in Korea over the past generation. Also, GSES will strive to produce the best academic achievements for sustainable development of our society. We sincerely welcome your interest and participation in the meaningful academic efforts of GSES for sustainable development of the society.