Gwanak Civic University

Purpose of operation

- Provide high-quality environmental education services through academic-government cooperation between Seoul National University and Gwanak-gu Government
- Provide opportunities to think from various perspectives on local and global environmental issues

Instructors and number of participants

- Faculty: GSES professors
- Lecturer: GSES professors and environmental experts
- Number of participants: about 60 Gwanak residents


- Operation period: September ~ November of each year (every Wednesday, 19:00 ~ 21:00, 12 times)
- Venue: Seoul National University GSES Comprehensive Lecture Room
- Tuition fee: 60,000 won
- Lecture content: Causes and countermeasures for various environmental problems such as climate change, fine dust, and hazardous chemicals
- Completion ceremony: A certificate of completion is awarded for those with 9 or more attendances

Department Contact

- Seoul National University GSES
- Gwanak-gu Department of Green Environment (