The major projects conducted by the alumni association are largely divided into two categories: 'exchange events between alumni' and ' scholarship projects'.

1) Exchange and socialize among alumni

- Homecoming Day and social gatherings
Every year, between September and October, the Graduate School of Environment Homecoming Day was held, and graduates who entered the society were invited to participate in the event. We offer an opportunity to experience the development of our alma mater. And mountain climbing. We are creating opportunities for alumni to communicate through small sports events.

- Alumni Aegis Announcement
We will share our joys and sorrows with each other by sending e-mails and text messages. I'll make it possible.

- Publishing a newsletter for the Graduate School of Environment
In the Newsletter of the Graduate School of Environment, published twice a year, the Graduate School of Environment and the Graduate School of Environment; With the news of the reunion and the "Welcome News", the donation to the development of the Graduate School of Environment was made. I'm expressing my gratitude to everyone.

2) Student scholarship project

The alumni association is engaged in scholarship projects and support activities for their alma mater. Outstanding performance every year A total of nine students, including eight students and one student president, are provided with scholarships.

We support overseas academic activities.