Seoul Citizens' Gardeners

The Seoul Citizens' Gardeners Course is a garden education program supported by the Seoul Metropolitan Government to train citizen gardeners with basic knowledge and practical skills about plants and gardens.

The course is open for the second semester of spring and fall, and about 75 citizens study about the garden for 56 hours each semester. The instructors are Prof. Sung, Jong-sang, Prof. Zho, Kyung-jin, Director Jung, Woo-geon, and Director Chung, Young-seon in Korea.

The curriculum compilation consists of theory and practice. Professor Sung, Jong-sang, Professor Cho, Kyung-jin, and Professor Song, Young-geun are in charge of the theory, and the emphasis is on building a proper understanding of gardens through basic concept learning of gardens and recognizing the status and importance of gardens in modern urban environments. In addition, the practical part taught by Professor Lee, Yu-mi, Director Kim, Yong-taek, and writer Cho, Hye-ryeong consists of garden case learning, field trips, and garden design practice.

This course aims to help graduates who have studied gardens through education at the Graduate School of Environment lead and revitalize the community's garden culture through volunteers and coordinators such as parks, arboretums, and village development.