Dept. of Environmental Planning(Master)

The Department of Environmental Planning is dedicated to the betterment of the built and natural environment through excellent education and research. For this reason, the multi-disciplinary approach is highly valued, as manifested in the diverse academic background of its faculty members. The curriculum combines physical, socio-economic and politico-cultural dimensions deemed essential in solving increasingly complex urban problems and environmental issues. Situated in a professional postgraduate setting, the department engages both theory and practice in teaching and research. Students are encouraged to develop their abilities to the highest level in applying classroom-learning to real-world problem-solving. The department also fosters global perspectives for the students through collaborations with their international fellows in various cross-border planning and environmental challenges. All qualified international students are welcomed to apply.

Currently, the Department of Environmental Planning consists of the four majors of Urban and Regional Planning, Transportation Studies, Environmental Management and Urban and Social Innovation. Each major has its own faculty and curriculum to meet increasingly specializing educational needs. Four majors offer 2-year masters programs leading to the degree of Master of City Planning or Master of Environmental Management. Doctoral program is offered to qualified students to advance their scholarly capabilities and research skills in all three majors. The department also provides diverse extra-curricular learning opportunities through year-round guest lectures, themed seminars and various field trips.

Dept. of Environmental Design(Master)

The Department of Environmental Design offers a broad range of professional design discipline and vision that addresses both the built and natural environments, with the intent of making them meaningful and sustainable. In the era of globalization, the Department aims to foster a competitive and integrative approach to education and research to meet the challenges of the ever-changing contemporary society. The academic program of the Department of Environmental Design at GSES provides a convergent curriculum with practical solutions that addresses a variety of topics including environment, sustainability, ecology and urbanization issues.

Climate change will bring incomparable changes to cities in the future as well as landscape architectural practices. The Department seeks creative solutions to urban, ecological, and environmental problems. Its contribution to sustainable landscape architecture and urban design serves as an impetus to furthering Green Growth.

Asia is now emerging into the world. The future possibilities are limitless for passionate, creative and intelligent students well trained in educational institutions that recognize such opportunities. In response to the urgent needs for landscape design and planning leaders, the Department fosters the learning of essential knowledge and techniques, which allows students to make a difference in the future all over the world.