1) Membership and status

- Homecoming Day and social gatherings

Every year, between September and October, the Graduate School of Environment Homecoming Day was held, and graduates who entered the society were invited to participate in the event.
We offer an opportunity to experience the development of our alma mater. And mountain climbing.
We are creating opportunities for alumni to communicate through small sports events.

A person who has graduated or completed a master's or doctorate degree in the Graduate School of Environment;
A person who has completed and graduated from the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at Seoul National University Graduate School of Public Administration;
A person who has completed the Urban and Environmental Future Strategy Course is a regular member of the alumni association.
The person who attended this graduate school is a quasi-member.

As of August 2020, our alumni association has 271 Ph.D.s. in Environmental Planning, 177 Ph.D.s. in cooperation and landscape architecture, 1,128 masters in environmental landscape architecture, 3,576 masters and Ph.D.s.
It consists of a total of 4,642 students, 1,066 graduates of the Urban and Environmental Future Strategy Course, which is a high-level course.
I have it.

2) Alumni fee and development fund

- Alumni fee

Alumni fees are valuable for alumni exchange projects and student scholarship projects.
C. By paying alumni fees, he/she shall become an alumni of the Graduate School of Environment and contribute to the development of his/her alma mater.
I hope you give it to me.
* Account number: Woori Bank 1005-402-966388
* Deposit Week: Alumni Association of Seoul National University Graduate School of Environment
* Membership fee: 240,000 won for life / 20,000 won for annual membership fee

- Power generation fund

The Development Fund shall operate alumni associations, as well as scholarship projects for students, support for academic activities, research support.

It is used for the development of research activity and environment such as facility improvement.