Quan, Steven Jige

Ph.D. in City and Regional Planning | Associate Professor

International Planning, Energy-oriented Planning and Design


Academic background

Ph.D., City and Regional Planning, Georgia Institute of Technology
Master, Urban Planning, Tsinghua University
Bachelor, Architecture, Tsinghua University

Major Career

2016 - 2017
Lecturer / Postdoctoral Fellow, Georgia Institute of Technology
2016 - 2017
Assistant Director, Sino-US Eco Urban Lab, Georgia Institute of Technology and Tongji University
2010 - 2011
Chief Planning and Design Consultant (Part-time), Center of Urban Planning and Design, United Architect & Engineers CO., Ltd
2005 - 2009
Chief Planner, No. 3 Department of Comprehensive Planning, Beijing Tsinghua Urban Planning & Design Institute


Urban Form and Energy in Global Cities

Urban Energy Modeling Systems

Urban Form and Outdoor Human Comfort

Multi-Disciplinary Design Optimization Based AI Design Methods for Energy-oriented Urban Development

Local Climate Zone (LCZ) Mapping and Sustainable Zoning System


Comparative Study on Urban Form and Energy in Global Cities

Urban Building Energy Modeling Systems

Multi-Objective Sustainable Neighborhood Design


Forthcoming journal articles

Quan, S. J. Energy efficient neighborhood design under residential zoning regulations in Shanghai. Energy Procedia (forthcoming).

Quan, S. J., Igou, T. K., Chang, S., Dutt, F., Castro-Lacouture, D., Chen, Y. & Yang, P. P. Decentralized algal energy system design at various urban densities and scales. Energy Procedia (forthcoming).

Peng, Z., Jia, L., Li, L., Quan, S. J. & Yang, P. P. How the roofing morphology and housing form affect energy performance of Shanghai’s workers’ village in urban regeneration. Energy Procedia (forthcoming).

Referred journal articles

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Book chapters

Yang, P. P. & Quan, S. J. Urban form and energy resilient strategies: A cast study of the Manhattan grid. In Y. Yamagata & H. Maruyama (Eds.), Urban Resilience - A Transformative Approach, 153-172. Springer. 2016.

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Conference proceedings

Wu, J., Quan, S. J., Li, Z., Wang, Y. & Yang, P. P. Benchmarking Energy Performance for Historical Urban Form of Shanghai Neighborhoods. Urban Morphology and the Resilient City: Proceedings of the 23rd International Seminar on Urban Form, 436-441, Nanjing, China, July. 2016.

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Quan, J., Guo, S. Photoshop 6.0 Tutorial for Architectural Drawing (in Chinese). China Electric Power Press, Beijing. 2001.

Book reviews

Quan, S. J. Book Review: The new science of cities (by Michael Batty). The Review of Regional Studies, 44(2), 211-214. 2014.