Wybe Kuitert

Doctor of Agricultural Sciences | Professor

Landscape history, Landscape system analysis, Urban landscape



Doctor’s degree in Agricultural Sciences Wageningen University, Netherlands
Master in Agricultural Engineering Wageningen University, Netherlands
Gymnasium diploma (Natural sciences orientation), Amsterdam, Netherlands


Professor, Graduate School Environmental Studies, Seoul National University, Korea
Guest Professor, Graduate School, Kyoto University of Art and Design (KUAD), Japan
Chief Researcher, Research Center for Japanese Garden Art and Historical Heritage, (KUAD)
Landscape Architect, Principal, Registered at National Architects Register Netherlands, BNT-licensed
Researcher at Environmental Planning Institute, Seoul National University, Korea
Member of Team Research at the International Research Center of Japanese Studies, Kyoto, Japan.
Member of Japan Institute of Landscape Architecture, (JILA Research Prize 2007), Tokyo, Japan
Professional member at Netherlands Association of Landscape Architecture (NVTL), Amsterdam, Netherlands
Member of Netherlands Association of Japanese Studies (NGJS), Leiden, Netherlands
Member of Society for Urban Ecology (SURE), Salzburg, Austria
Member of Netherlands Garden History Society Cascade, Netherlands
Visiting Scholar, North China University of Technology, School of Architecture & Art, Beijing
Visiting Research Scholar, International Research Center Japanese Studies, Kyoto, Japan
Director/Curator, Arboretum Kalmthout, Belgium
Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Design, Kyoto University of Art and Design (KUAD), Japan
Honorary Research Fellow, Botanical Gardens Leiden University, Netherlands
Post-doc Research Fellow, International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Japan
Honorary Research Fellow, Botanical Gardens Wageningen University, Netherlands
Fellow, Graduate School, Institute of Landscape Studies, Kyoto University, Japan


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“Heveadorp, Spel en Knikkers” Hartkoorn E, Jong A de, Kuitert W, Agricultural University Wageningen

Academic Papers

In Progress
「ヨーロッパ庭園と日本美 –Sharawadgiを求めて」
"Topography and history: patterns in Tokyo’s green infrastructure" International Journal of Architecture, Planning and Building Engineering
"Spruces, pines, and the picturesque in seventeenth century Netherlands" Studies in the History of Gardens & Designed Landscapes: An International Quarterly. 38, 1: 73-95, ISSN 1460-1176 (Print), 1943-2186 (Online)
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On World Expos and East Asia - Proceedings of a symposium, edited and introduced by Wybe Kuitert, Journal of Environmental Studies 60 [環境論叢 第60卷] (2017), 4-79, ISSN 1226-9000 / 2288-548X
"Context & Praxis: Japan and Designing Gardens in the West" Die Gartenkunst 28/2: 278-292, ISSN 0935-0519 "Chinese style composition of scenery in Chishaku-in" 日本庭園・歴史遺産研究センター日本庭園部門紀要 2014: 16-21 (also published in Shakkei, The Journal of the Japanese Garden Society 2017, Vol.23, 4: 18-23, ISSN 1368-4205)
"Chinese style composition of scenery in Chishaku-in" 日本庭園・歴史遺産研究センター日本庭園部門紀要 2014: 16-21 (also published in Shakkei, The Journal of the Japanese Garden Society 2017, Vol.23, 4: 18-23, ISSN 1368-4205)
"Borrowing scenery and the landscape that lends - The final chapter of Yuanye" Journal of Landscape Architecture (JOLA). 10, 2: 32-43 (also as: Issue spring 2015), ISSN 1862-6033 (Print), 2164-604X (Online)
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"Composition of scenery in Japanese pre-modern gardens and the three distances of Guo Xi" Studies in the History of Gardens & Designed Landscapes. 33, 1: 1-15, ISSN 1460-1176 (Print), 1943-2186 (Online)
「借景: 中国《园冶》(1634)理论与17世纪日本造园艺术实践」 (Jiejing Zhongguo 'yuanye' (1634) lilunyu 17 shiji riben zaoyuan yishu shijian, in Chinese: Borrowed scenery, theory in Yuanye 1634 and practice in 17c Japanese garden art) Zhongguo Yuanlin『中国园林』(Chinese Landscape) (24) 150, 01-06 ISSN: 1000-6664
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Selected Projects

Estate Groot-Bentveld, Netherlands: Restoration, design, landscaping, ecological management
Keukenhof Tulip garden, Netherlands: Cherry collection and design advice
Province Namur, Nature Extraordinary Museum Chevetogne, Belgium: Japanese garden design, construction
Botanical Gardens Wageningen University, Netherlands: Cherry collection, design advice
Oranjerie, Den Helder, Netherlands, Garden ‘Meeting of the Streams’: design, construction, upkeep
Hortus Botanicus Plantage Amsterdam University, Netherlands: structural planning, design interior Palm House
Province Antwerp, Arboretum Kalmthout, Belgium: management, restoration, extension design
Belgian Royal Family, retraite Laeken, Japanese style garden, Brussels: Belgium, design
Philips Pension Fund, Shopping Center, Amsterdam, Netherlands: interior planting and Japanese garden, design
Mondrian Foundation, Provincial Project, Baasdam, w. Daan van Golden: art installation
Hortus Botanicus Plantage Amsterdam University, Netherlands: landscaping glass houses, design, construction
National Museum Princessehof, Leeuwarden, Netherlands: Turkish style garden, design, construction
Hortus Botanicus University Leiden, Von Siebold Memorial Garden: Netherlands, design, construction
Grange Ford Condominium, roof gardens, Singapore, with Zo-en Design: design, construction
Botanic Laboratory Wageningen University, Netherlands: design, construction