Seoul National University Graduate School of Environmental Studies student society full of excitement

We hope that our graduate school will be a great graduate school with respect and gratitude to our teachers as well as a strong sense of respect and mutual respect among students even in the climate of becoming individualized with the beginning of the 21st century. And I hope that it will be a good time to make academic progress with good research.

Purpose and Goal

Graduate School of Environmental Studies The Graduate School of Environmental Studies supports various research activities conducted through various divisions within the Graduate School of Environment, and aims at strengthening the identity of graduate school through social exchanges by each municipality, establishing friendship, linking between professors and students, supporting research by graduate students, I have a goal.


The organization of the student council consists of the executive board of the student chairperson, secretary, clerk, accounting, academic manager, welfare manager,


The student council conducts athletic contests, full OT (preparatory school for new students), and environmental video screening for exchanges and socialization of the major. Through public opinion polls, the students' opinions are collected and suggested to the director and the head of the department. I am also in charge of informing students about We are also striving to provide support for research activities, gathering meetings for the creation of research conditions, and supporting academic societies and small-group activities.