General Information

Graduate School of Environmental Studies (GSES)

  • • Dept. of Environmental Planning Office
  • - TEL: +82-2-880-5646
    - FAX: +82-2-871-8847
  • • Dept. of Environmental Landscape Architecture Office
  • - TEL: +82-2-880-8660
    - FAX: +82-2-874-7181
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Office of International Affairs (OIA)

  • Office of International Affairs (OIA) is charged with developing, promoting, and assisting SNU ’s international programs and strategic initiatives. In this connection, OIA identifies, develops, and maintains inter-university partnerships, academic exchange agreements, and international curricula. OIA also provides administrative support for international students, promotes cross-cultural events on campus, and conducts protocol activities for visiting officials.
  • - TEL: +82-2-880-8633~8
    - Homepage:

SNU Korean Language Education Center (KLEC)

  • Korean Language Education Center (KLEC) aims at teaching Korean language and culture to international students and overseas Koreans intending to learn Korean language as a foreign language or their second language so that they can have a good command of Korean and understand Korea.
  • - TEL: +82-2-880-8570, 5488
    - Homepage:

SNU Dormitory (Gwanak-sa)

  • SNU offers accommodation to most of the foreign students who are in degree programs or exchange programs. Gwanak-sa Student Dormitory is available for both undergraduate and graduate students in Gwanak campus. SNU also offers Family House for graduate students who live with family. Foreign research students can apply for the BK International House.
  • - TEL: +82-2-880-5404
    - Homepage:

Medical Services

  • SNU Health Service Center (SNUH SC) offers a wide range of services for students, faculty, and staff at Seoul National University, including transfer system when further treatment is needed. The center also provides health education, immunizations, general checkups, health certification issuance, student mutual medical aid service, and mental health service.
  • - TEL: +82-2-880-5338
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