Urban, Regional and Environmental Policies


GSES offers the Special Program for Urban, Regional, and Environmental Policies (SPUR P) for enlightened public leaders in diverse fields to professionally and comprehensively address urban and environmental problems.

This program aims to understand the fundamental problems of the society, and to explore sustainable and possible policy alternatives based on practical know-how. To provide professional knowledge demanded by society in a dramatically changing international environment and to meet the needs for advanced case studies, the SPUR P, established in 1995, was reorganized into the CEO Sustainable Management Forum and the Special Program in Urban Environment in 2001.

CEO Sustainable Management Forum

The CEO Sustainable Management Forum was established with the aim to offer critical reflection on rapid and indiscriminate industrialization and short-sighted unsustainable development mode of the Korean society. In an attempt to further the corporate social responsibility agendas, this program also promotes the economy-environment symbiosis as well as creative and ethical management.

To achieve such goals, the program knits together contributions from public and private sectors, NGO’s, and academia to adopt a multi-sectoral approach. It also supports creative and convergent knowledge through a multi-disciplinary approach.